Good bye.

Love Boudoir is shutting down.

After 4 years online, I am shutting down Love Boudoir. It will vanish from the web at the end of March.

At first, this website was an exercise in php programming. I moved on to other projects and keeping Love Boudoir alive by reviewing and updating all the links is a tedious task demanding too much of my time nowadays.

Thank you for sharing your life, sharing your mind, sharing your imagination. I hope it gave some readers what was needed for them to become writers and express themselves as so many did, so deliciously.

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On why absence makes the heart grow fonder
Written by

Girl on the net

, on girlonthenetgirlonthenet | 13 Apr 2014

This is a weird one because I’m writing it while the subject is in the next room. Sitting in his pyjamas, frowning at the mysterious black box of web code while he does magical things with his fingers that make the internet happen. When we’re together, we watch TV. We paint walls, we count pennies, […] The post On why absence makes the heart grow fonder appeared first on girlonthenet.

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Private Show - Part 3
Written by


, on Cumming of age | 12 Apr 2014

Once they had gone, Alistair returned and thanked us, saying we’d done a wonderful job. He once again offered to pay us but we refused so he offered us the horse dildo instead. This was a lot more tempting as I had really enjoyed using it but I still didn’t like the idea of taking something in return for cumming so we reluctantly refused, agreeing instead that as ‘payment’ we would have the rights to use the dildo again at a future date. Alistair was all for this and wanted to sign us up for another show straight away, but now I had calmed down a bit I was being more careful and thought about what would happen if someone in the audience had recognised me (which at that point in time was still a possibility). I told him that I was surprised ...

Friday, April 11th, is WET Boobday!
Written by


, on A Dissolute Life Means... | 11 Apr 2014

It’s full on spring here!  The birds are singing, the sky is bright blue, the kitten’s whiskers are twitching.  I love the sense of renewal of this time of year, the way the earth soaks up all the rain and sun and pushes out new, baby shoots of everything.  It’s a clean season for my soul.  I rather like hearing the birds chirp outside my window as my pussy gets pounded in a sunbeam. Enjoy all the ladies this week, everyone! Next week’s theme is OUTSIDE (Sorry Anonymous Aussie!  I hope it’s not too cold Down Under yet!). xx Hy Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the Guidelines and State of the Boob Union to answer any questions, but this is the TL;DR of what I need each time: an attached pic a ...

Twice on Sunday
Written by


, on Pyx | 10 Apr 2014

I woke up once again to being violated by a strong hand between my legs; my husband’s weight holding me down as he forced his way past cotton and flesh. I was tempted to stay still, pretend I was still sleeping, but the notion seems silly to me; no one can sleep through a two […]

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One morning He opened his eyes and immediately wondered when he...
Seen on Dirty thoughts of a clean mind | 8 Apr 2014

One morning He opened his eyes and immediately wondered when he would see her again. He let his surroundings sink in for a moment. The room. The view of the big city. The bed. He turned his head to the empty spot next to him. Her pillow still showed the indentation of her head. But she was gone. He took in a deep breath as if trying to pull the last few remaining particles of her smell from the air and into his nose. He could sense her all around him. Even being alone in the room now he could virtually feel her weight on him. The taste of her skin was still seared into his lips. The sensation of her hand sliding across his body seemed almost real. He exhaled, long and rather laboured, as the reality of the situation sank in again. He had ...

TV Report: The Americans...
Written by


, on Break Out | 6 Apr 2014

There are two or three reasons why my wife just can't seem to get into one of my new favorite TV shows on FX called, The Americans. First off, she was a fan of that show, Brothers and Sisters a few years ago, and the male lead in The Americans, Matthew Rhys played a gay guy.  I don't think he is gay, but you know that old saying, suck one dick...
Her second complaint is that the show takes place in the early 1980's and she doesn't seem to remember the Cold War.  For those that don't watch, and I urge you to go find it and give it a try, the whole idea is that this married couple with two teenage kids are KGB sleeper agents living in Washington DC at the time of Ronald Reagan.  Their next door neighbor works for the FBI and is ...

There is no such couple as Lauren
Written by


, on Lauren Allie K's Blog 18+ | 3 Apr 2014

There is no such person as the couple Lauren Allie K. My real name is Cameron Rowe and I recently … Continue reading →

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The Barely Legal Cock That Made Me Celibate
Written by


, on One Woman One Hundred Dicks | 30 Mar 2014

For those familiar with this blog or from reading the title alone, it may come as a shock to discover I was celibate for two years. Now obviously my definition of celibate may vary from the next persons. For me blow jobs and anal sex were fine, but vaginal penetration was a big no no! So I claim to have been celibate for two years, but (having revealed my personal understanding and application of the term) some might just say I didn’t have ‘traditional’ or ‘formal’ sex for 730 days. What, you may ask, causes someone to embark on a two year period of self-imposed celibacy? Sadly, like much of this blog, I don’t remember his name. But I do remember him and the night very clearly. My brother’s best friend was visiting London from ...

Sir Robert recommends… my top ten sexy stories involving coworkers
Written by

Sir Robert

, on Sir Robert's Stories | 21 Mar 2014

We covet what we see. Truly. And most of us go to work everyday and share the office with our coworkers. We might even chat with them more than with our significant others. Thus, at some time, 90% of us … Continue reading →

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I’m Wet: the response to Anne’s Erotic Breadcrumb Experiment
Written by

Mr. X

, on The Sex Experiment | 25 Feb 2014

Dear Mr. X, Apologies for taking so long to fulfill your dare. It’s been really exciting. I didn’t leave an erotic trail all in one day as you commanded, but whenever I’m horny or make eye contact with a sexy man, I’ve been writing something down in the little Moleskin I always carry around, ripping out a page, and leaving it behind. I guess I’ve got a pretty dirty mind, or probably dirtier than average, so the writing the words don’t really make me nervous unless I’m in a super crowded place. Leaving the note behind is what’s totally nerve-racking. The moment it leaves my hand. I’m always afraid that somebody’s going to pick it right up, but once I’m clear from any immediate danger, my whole body melts, and I’m hornier than ...

The Willow Tree
Written by


, on So Wrong (the collected pornographica of Elsie) | 4 Jan 2014

1. It was early spring, and the morning sky was the color of a robin’s egg. It was going to be a beautiful day. Hot, even. Not a cloud in the sky, and the leaves were not yet unfurled. Up on the cliffs there would be no shade. If I were a different, younger man, I’d already be out rock climbing. But I wasn’t, and this morning I was up early, in the back yard of the old upstate farmhouse we’d bought a couple years before, splitting wood under the bare branches of the old willow tree. Sweat was already running down my chest and tickling my shoulder blades. I took off my shirt. The young sun felt good on my naked skin. I’d probably burn. As always, it felt wrong to be splitting firewood while the sun shone. We wouldn’t be burning this wood ...

My Quotable Boyfriend
Written by


, on storyofalice | 16 Oct 2013

John has a tendency for theatricality and clever wordplay. On my ex-boyfriend’s birthday, who’s in the habit of working too much: Alice: I’m wishing happy birthday to Maurice and telling him I hope he’s not working. John: So, you’re still on his case, even if you’re no longer together? Alice: Yes, John, that is your future. John: No it’s not. You’ll be three feet under my patio if we ever break up. Alice: You’re so romantic! *** I never get bored of watching him potter about. Alice: I find you very funny. John: Why? Alice: I think it’s a side effect of love. John: I think it’s a love effect of cider. *** Walking sluggishly towards the cafes one morning , we see two girls with coffee ...

The Power of Cords
Written by

Engine Erotica

, on EngineErotica | 23 Aug 2013

You come in the door more than a little anxious.  This was not at all how you expected to return home today.  The day had started out so good.  But […]

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(Untitled Blog Entry)
Written by


, on SexDiarist | 14 Jun 2013

In just her pink, shiny bikini panties she gave me one of the wettest blowjobs.  I always enjoy feeling up her pantied ass as she works my shaft with that pretty mouth.  Then she stripped them off and climbed aboard the cock-express and I pumped her as furiously as I could for as long as I could before slipping out and unloading hot jizz all over myself.

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Fiction – Twalker
Written by

Carina Benjamin

, on Kinky Shoes | 13 Jun 2013

I watch you. You don’t realise, but I see everything. I lurk in the shadows, just one among the many. I devour your conversations. I save your pictures. I spend hours thinking, plotting, putting two and two together. And I’m getting closer. You don’t realise the effect your throwaway remarks have on me. How could you? I’m just a faceless name amongst your thousands of followers. I hate your easy exhibitionism. The way you preen, flirt, joke and tease. I touch myself.
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In training
Written by


, on Insatiable Rachael | 23 Mar 2013

I had a night out in London but had to get the last train home so it wasn't much of a late one, but still a fun night.  The train was pretty empty, but some guys who were also out clubbing got on and sat in my booth even though there was plenty of free spaces.  I had a short black skirt on so had to be "lady like" and try and keep my knickers off of show.  They were ok lads, probably early 20s, and as I chatted to them I could see their eyes shamelessly all over me, staring at my boobs and my short skirt. Most of them got off at the first stop but one guy was going on to the next stop so he came to sit beside me.  As we chatted he would occasionally grip his cock through his loose trousers, re-arranging it then letting ...